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The Inspiration

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Designer Dino Lonzano has created the ultimate U.S. Military watch. Every watch is dedicated to the American heroes who served their country with integrity and valor. Inspired by a range of vintage U.S. military aircrafts, ships, and vehicles, each collection embraces the unique details of the rugged and highly skilled style of engineering implemented during eras of innovation.

Lonzano’s debut collection, inspired by WWII-era U.S. military airplanes, features twenty-nine unique designs created to resemble specific gauges from the cluster of their namesakes’ series of plane. The era’s historical importance is honored throughout the process in which the watches are created. Designed by Lonzano in America, the watches incorporate German engineering, proprietary mechanical French wind-up and automatic Swiss movements, and are hand assembled in Milano, Italy.

The movement of time is reflected by the motion of the mechanism.

The exterior of the watch box is fashioned after a vintage military trunk which features high polish military rivets and brandishes the Lonzano Time Product logo.

Man up. Watch up.


The Designer


For over a century, Market Street Diamonds of Georgetown has defined itself as a rare breed in the detailed art of manufacturing high-end, hand fabricated designer jewelry. Originally a top supplier of jewelers, the store opened its doors to the retail public in 2007 under the lead of Dino Lonzano, who has used his cutting edge style to continue the tradition of producing fresh, emotionally charged designs for his clients. As a proud first-generation Italian-American, Lonzano feels honored to design and manufacture jewelry in a country for which he has the utmost respect.

As a D.C. native, Lonzano has always felt particularly inspired by the integrity and valor with which members of the United States Military serve their country. Accordingly, Lonzano dedicates everything he creates—from the conflict free diamond rough that he cuts to a level of excellence exceeding current demands and trends to his Military-inspired watch line—to these heroes.

Lonzano felt obligated to create something that would pay tribute to these brave men and women. Fueled by the stories he heard from and about America’s active service members and veterans, Lonzano combined his love of history with his talent for creating sleek, modern pieces to create his unique line of watches.

“I really feel that I’ve achieved my goal of creating a product that is both emotionally significant and reasonably priced,” Lonzano explained. “It’s amazing. My younger clients—guys who never considered wearing watches because they have cellphones - they’re so excited about these watches. It’s very rewarding to see so many people enjoying our hand-made Americana watches.”

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